Region 9 Coaches “This Week at the Creek”

2013 Week (4) "Week at the Creek"

Reminder on game schedules!


                We have discovered that the paper schedule your team received at the team parents meeting is not current --- Do NOT rely on it, instead go to the web site game schedule and use that !!

Running up the score in your game


AYSO & Region 9 have no rules about running up the score or excessive scoring in any match, and regions and referees are forbidden to create or enforce such guidelines.

Unfortunately, no coach or players benefit from 7-0/8-0 scores or worse, especially if it is due to lopsided lineups as a result of sick or injured players not showing up and/or teams playing short.

Coaches, please use your judgment in managing your team to make the game enjoyable for both sides. Never tell players “don’t score or shoot” as that is a negative point, but feel free to encourage a passing minimum (maybe 5 passes before a shot) or other restriction to challenge your players more in a lopsided game.


Picture Day THIS weekend and  Oct. 12



Check the picture Day schedule at

to see when your teams is schedule for pictures, and REMIND you parents of the time.


Allstar Coaching applications due


     If you are coaching in U10 or above, you are eligible to apply to be an Allstar coach.

Allstar coaches observe all the teams in their division and talk to coaches in picking the best team to compete against other Regions and other teams in a variety of tournaments. The season begins right after Thanksgiving and continues into May 2014.

If you are interested, please fill out the application located online at d/1YHWxfiShRu669JvzlD- gK5Cnor0pWuHcy4vPxGjco4A/viewform

ASAP as we will be choosing coaches soon. Questions? Contact Steve Popp - Allstar Director at  



Stay tuned for details of this fun event coming Sunday, October 6th !!


See you on the fields!

Tom Becker

Region 9 Coaching Director