Region 9 Coaches “This Week at the Creek”

2013 Week (-1) "Week at the Creek"


Did you miss picking up your uniforms? Or Team Manager packet?



Not to worry – just show up at the training center  this Wednesday at 6:30 PM  at our

training center. BUT – you need to get your volunteer info input online first!


ALSO, you can turn in your volunteer forms (or your assistant or manager can turn in theirs also) at

the same time. Bring ID if this is the first time you have registered for AYSO.


UK Trainers are here – are you signed up?



Ken and I met Jaime and John yesterday and they are rarin’ to go train your players. There are (4)

slots left open for this week (check at  and request online)

AND there are 15 slots open for next week. Remember, these are professional trainers YOU can use for free.


Free online soccer training/practices/tips for Region 9 coaches



Run out of training ideas (I hope not – this is week 2 of practice) – but when you do:

As part of our agreement with UK Soccer, our coaches are allowed access to thousands of soccer activities on their website. Want to check it out?  Go to  and logon with




(NOTE: only the T is uppercase, all others lower case)


See you on the fields!


Tom Becker

Region 9 Coaching Director