AYSO Region 9 Adult League Application - Winter 2014

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2) Print, Sign and Date a copy of the Fair Play Pledge for EACH player.
3) Make payment of $60 for a Player from the Fall 2013 season, $85 for all other Players by check (payable to "AYSO Region 9 Adult League") or by credit card (include Proof of Payment)
4) If any player is new to the Region 9 Adult League then included Proof of Age (copy of Drivers License, Birth Certificate, etc.)
Mail all appropriate items above to:
Mary Hobert; 41 Canfield Court; Thousand Oaks CA  91360; attn: Adult League
Questions?  Need more information?  Contact Mary Hobert

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Your rating and description will be very helpful to us in balancing our teams so that all will have an enjoyable experience.

The Fee for the Winter 2014 Adult League season is $60 for Players from the Fall 2013 season;
$85 for all other Players

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